Hi there. I'm Shane.

I work hard and try not to take myself too seriously. I am also aesthetically pleasing… you know, if I lived amongst bears.

What a lump.

What I lack in bare chins I more than make up for in digital aesthetics. I am an aspiring Visual Designer who has spent the last few years honing my skillz in an effort to make shiny stuff for your distraction.

A little bit more about me. (Like anyone cares)

Having grown up in the soggy Pacific Northwest, I enjoy being outside in the rain and sleeping in the forest.

Studies have concluded bears like this behavior as well.

I recently received a bachelors degree in Digital Technology and Culture, but spend most of my time staring at these magical “computer” devices creepin’ on awesome design agencies I want to work for and learning new stuff.

When I’m not being a jerk by eating the last piece of pizza, and always showing up to work on time every day (so annoying), I enjoy never being satisfied with my work, obsessing over details, being awesome, and laughing akwardly.

Did I mention I like pizza?

Skill Sets

Website Design 70%
Print Design 80%
Digital Design 90%
Logo Design 90%


The roadmap to cool stuff
  • Meet

    I meet you face-to-face and discuss your design needs over a beer/coffee/whiskey. There’s usually a few minutes of actual project talk and the rest of the time is spent chatting about other awesome stuff like our lives and whatnot. Then we high-five each other and move forward.

  • Planning & Research

    At this point I’m looking into your company and learning how to channel your voice, culture, and visual aesthetic into my designs. I’m also creating wireframes, sketches, and storyboards so I have a clear direction before I begin creating.

  • Design

    This is where the magic happens! I’m obsessing over details, iterating, and really creating amazing things. I’m also sending you little sneak peeks of what I’m working on so you can get super pumped about the finished product.


    We’ve bounced designs back & forth, iterated, adjusted, and critiqued. Once you’re completely satisfied with my work, I hand the project files over to you and crack a cold one. There’s usually pizza involved.


Using Adobe’s extremely powerful Illustrator & Photoshop software, I create high-quality visuals. My main priority is making sure whatever you dream up becomes a reality. I can create logos, branding kits, posters, flyers, and everything in between.


Need a digital space to WOW your visitors? I create high quality website wireframes and concepts that your guests will love using. I incorporate best practices for usability into my designs but if your dream is wilder than that, we can create something truly unique together.


I create simple 2d animations that convey a point. I can create a motion graphic for your website, breakdown a complicated presentation or idea, or showcase a digital concept for your team. I specialize in animating infographics which, includes research, storyboarding, voiceover work, and animating!