I created this interface alongside the drowZdrive website project. It’s purpose is to showcase the potential of a patented drowsy driving detection device if it was used by a semi truck driver on an iPad. During the process I needed to consider specific features my team deemed essential for success. For example the interface needed to be non-distracting  so I designed a standby mode which only displays the clock portion of the interface. When in use, the rings rotate and alert the driver in three stages as the device detects moderate to severe drowsy driving. Additionally, I designed it with a day/night mode to keep light levels down during dusk hours and improve visibility of the interface during daytime hours.

This example is in the prototype stage but will be developed and placed onto the Apple App Store in the near future for testing.

/Posted by: Shane Sanders


Graphic Design - Poster

/Posted by: Shane Sanders


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drowZdrive: App Interface Prototype

An interface for iPad that alerts drivers as they become drowsy.

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